Come prendere la Certificazione Google Analytics: Domande, risposte e preparazione

certificazione google analytics

La certificazione Google Analytics è indispensabile per chi punta a diventare un Web Analyst, ma anche per chi vanta una preparazione di Web Marketing in quanto

“ without data, you are just another person with an opinion”- W.Edwards Deming.

Il test è strutturato in 70 domande, 90 minuti e un punteggio minimo dell’80% per passare l’esame. Di seguito potete trovare i link per accedere alla Google Academy, il servizio gratuito di Google per imparare ad usare lo strumento:

La preparazione al Google Analytics Test (GAIQ) e il link per l’esame

certificazione google analytics

Vi sono inoltre nella rete moltissimi documenti utili come ad esempio :

certificazione google analytics

Vi consigliamo anche i 2 libri più famosi, quello di Avinash Kaushik, l’evangelist di Google Analytics e quello di Brian Clifton:

Una volta che avete studiato di seguito potete trovare le domande del test Google Analytics in inglese:

What is the first step of GA planning? Define your overall measurement plan and business objective

wich campaign tracking variables are required in order to ensure accurate data shows for your campaign in the all traffic report? Campagin, source, medium

Wich of the following are dimension? Region

What is the purpose of the URL builder? To generate a URL with tracking parameters

Wich of the following are possible uses of filters?all

Wich of the following reporting dimension would be useful to reference if you were rebuilding a website? Browser

Wich of the following is not a standard campaing parameter?Utm adgroup

Wich of the following would be most useful in measuring how many days passed between the first visit to a site and the evenutal conversion? time lag

wich of the following adwords report would you use to investigate when you should modify your bidding during certain hours of the day to optimize conversion? Day parts

wich of the example are source?

You should add analytics tracking code to your site—?After implementation planning

True or false, when you share a link to a custom report you share the data in the report. False

Wich of the following are tracked by site speed reports?How quickly browser parses a pages and makes it avaiable for user intereaction

Page load time for a sample of pageviews on your site…Wich of these question could be answered using a goal flow report? All

You want to explore traffic metrics by gender and age. Wich of the following sections in analytics will be most useful? Audience

Your web propriety is you se tup a goal /thankyou and match type of begins with. Wich of the following URLS will count as a goals?All

Wich of the following would be valid segment to consider then looking at data?All

When configuring a goal why is it useful to assign a goal value?To attribute monetary value to non ecommerce conversion

In the linear attribution model.. Each touchpoint in the conversion path shares equal credit for the conversion

When do the GA terms of service permit sending PII to google?never

The demographic and interest category information in GA comes from..The double click third party cookie

You are interested in identifying the most popular content on your site. Wich of the following section will have this report information by default?Behaviour

what is the hierarchy of the GA data model? User>session>interactions

You want to know whether button x is clicked more often than button y. Wich of the following would be most useful? Events

True or false: the order in wich filters appear in your view settings matters..True

Wich report allow you to see searches within you site? Site search report

You are nterested in exploring metrics by campaign and traffic source. Wich of the following sections will have this report information by default?acquisition

wich of the following would be most useful for optimizing landing pages?Bounce rate

Digital analytics is..All

Wich of the following would you use to set up a custom alert? Intellingence

Wich of the following would you use to exclude rows with fewer than 10 visit…Table filters

It s important to have clear measuremet strategy to guide your implementation strategy and your data analysis. Wich of the following business objective would be most relevant for content publisher?Encourage engagement and frequent visitation

A macro conversion..Occurs when someone complete an action that’s important to your business. Wich of the following could be measured by defining a goal in google analytics Conversion rate

Your business abjective is to maximize the number of sales through your website. Wich of the following metrics would most directely help yoy measure performance against this objective?Ecommerce conversion value

Wich of the following is a valid tagged custom campaign?All

Wich of the following suggest poorly performing landing page?Bounce rate>90%

Wich of the following most accurately describes the concept of attribution in digital analytics?Assign credit for conversion

Which of the following are true about segmentation?More than one of these answ is true

Which of the following are possible uses of views within a single google analytics account all

Which of the following metrics would be useful in measuring how many conversions were initiated by Paid Search?Conversions

You want to know whenever weekly revenue for your “spring sale” campaign increases or decreases by an unusual amount. Which of the following would be most useful ?intelligence

Which of the following is true of ROI?f Cost is $5 and Revenue is $5, your ROI is 0%

Which of the following would you use to set up a custom alert? Intelligence

Why would anyone install e-commerce tracking code..To monetize goals such as newsletter signups

Which of the following are measured of traffic volume?Visits